Pay Your Bill

Trust or Retainer Payment

Click the button to the right to pay or replenish your retainer.

Trust Payment Link

Operating Account Payment

Click the button to the right to make a payment on an invoice only if your invoice reads “Make Payment to Operating Account”. If you are making a retainer payment, use the “Trust” link above.

Operating Account Payment Link

FAQ About Payments

Which Link Should I Use?

Initial retainer payments and retainer replenishments should be paid using the “Trust or Retainer Payment” link. If you are paying for fees and expenses that the attorney has already earned, you should use the “Operating Account Payment” link.

Your invoice will clearly state which account you should make a payment to. If you still aren’t sure, send an email to to check.

What's the Difference Between Operating and Trust Account Payments?

At the start of your representation, you will pay a retainer. Fees and expenses will be deducted from your retainer as the attorney works on your case. The money in your retainer is still yours until the attorney earns it, so it is held in an IOLTA trust account. Attorneys may not spend or transfer money from an IOLTA trust account until it is earned. 

Once all of your retainer has been used, you will either be asked to replenish your retainer or pay fees and expenses as they are incurred. 

How Will I Know When My Retainer is Used Up?

When you become a client of Timm Law Firm, PC and pay your retainer, you will be given access to our Client Portal. Timm Law Firm, PC bills clients weekly so you can keep an eye on the balance of your funds held in trust. Within the Client Portal you can see the balance of your retainer being held in trust, all of your invoices, and any outstanding balance if your retainer has been used up – all updated on a weekly basis.