Welcome to the New Client Center

This page is intended to walk potential new clients through the process of booking an initial consultation with Megan Timm. Please follow the steps below to schedule and prepare for your new consultation.

Once you book your initial consultation and complete intake forms, Megan will perform a conflict-of-interest check to determine whether she can permissibly represent you. In the event a conflict is identified, your appointment will be cancelled and your trust payment will be refunded. DO NOT PROVIDE CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION TO MEGAN BEFORE RECEIVING NOTICE THAT THE CONFLICT CHECK IS COMPLETE.

Step One: Select a Consultation Time

Consultations are presently conducted by video through Zoom. When you book your appointment, you must provide both an email address and a phone number. If you do not enter the Zoom waiting room at the time of the appointment, Megan will call you on the number you provided to conduct the consultation by telephone.

Step Two: Pay a Consultation Retainer

Consultations are billed at $250 per hour. A consultation retainer of $250 is required in advance to cover the first hour of your consultation. If the consultation goes over an hour, the remainder will be due at the end of the meeting. If the consultation takes less than an hour, you will receive a partial refund.

Step Three: Complete Intake Forms

Before your consultation, information is needed about you, your existing case (if applicable), the opposing party, and any minor children involved in the dispute. Use the “New Person” button to input data about yourself, then return to this page and complete the same process for the opposing party and each minor child involved in the dispute. If you have already been assigned a case number by a Montana court, please also complete the “Existing Case” form.

Step Four: Download Zoom

If you wish to have your consultation by telephone, you do not need to download Zoom. If you wish to have a video consultation and do not already have Zoom downloaded, use the Download Zoom button to be redirected to Zoom’s download page. Select the correct download link for the device you intend to use.

Step Five: Email Documents

If you have an existing case, it may be helpful to email copies of relevant documents to Megan prior to your consultation. Do NOT email confidential information to Megan prior to your consultation. If you choose to send documents, send only publicly filed court documents. You will be billed for the time Megan spends reviewing your documents prior to your consultation, in addition to the time spent speaking with you.

Step Six: Log Into Zoom for your Appointment

At the time of your consultation, log into Zoom. Use this link to enter Megan’s Zoom waiting room. Note that new entrants will be placed in a waiting room for Megan to admit to the meeting. Details about Megan’s meeting room are also shown below.

Meeting ID: 769 846 9274
Passcode: 6E4YWv