Fee and Payment FAQ

All of my time is billed at $250 per hour.

The requested retainer varies based on the complexity of the case. For contested proceedings, an average retainer runs $3,000 – $10,000.

Paying a retainer simply means your lawyer is holding your money in trust to ensure payment. When you pay a retainer, the funds are deposited into a trust account. The money belongs to the client until it is officially earned by the lawyer. At the end of each billing period, your lawyer will send you an invoice for the work completed. If you do not object to the charges, money is transferred from trust to pay the invoice.

A retainer should never be considered an estimate of your total legal fees. No lawyer that bills hourly can accurately predict exactly how much your case will cost you. Your actions and the actions of the judge, the opposing party, and the opposing lawyer will dictate the total cost to you. If your fees start to exceed your retainer, your attorney may ask for a subsequent retainer to ensure you have funds in trust to cover your bill.

Make a Trust Payment

The link below will redirect you to LawPay to make a secure payment to Timm Law Firm’s IOLTA Trust account. Please include the name of the client in the reference field so that the funds are properly allocated.